Published on : 31 May 2022

“the posture corpse”


Entering Asana Savasana:

Wrap the blindfold around the skull at eye level to obstruct the view.Lie with your back on the blankets, pelvis on the floor. Bend your legs and stretch them out, keeping your heels away from each other. Open your shoulders and torso by joining your sides with your hands, arms crossed. Pull the sides and do it with the other crossing of the arms. With the help of your hands below the neck, stretch the whole neck by putting the head on the ground or on a support if the ears are not parallel to the soL. Let your legs go to the side. Close your eyes. Relax and do not make any more muscular effort. Concentrate on your breathing.

Ujjayi phase 2: focus on long exhalations.

Preparation: Plan and do the posture with Pranayama support. Two blankets folded in three on the long side and one blanket as ear folded in three on the short side. Bandage on the eyes, not too tight.


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