Certified teachers

A demanding training

Based in Brussels, we are a couple of practitioners and certified teachers of Iyengar© yoga.

A demanding teaching training that requires time and tenacity: it covers anatomy, physiology, introduction to Indian philosophy, pedagogy or the art of teaching and develops personal practice.

Passionate about yoga, we continue to explore and train with the greatest masters. We complement each other as much in our qualities as in our defects.

We offer different courses of Iyengar Yoga, a yoga method based on the teachings of BKS Iyengar (1918-2014). It is now one of the most practiced yoga styles in the world.

It is for everyone, regardless of age, experience and physical condition. Its benefits are felt from the very first sessions. Both traditional and modern, his method proves that yoga can be practiced by women and men of all cultures and that this age-old science is an effective response to the problems of our time.

The practice of asanas (postures) is the first aspect addressed, with particular attention paid to the precise alignment of the different parts of the body. This quest for precision in action makes the Iyengar method a rigorous and demanding practice. Practiced with regularity and consistency, it strengthens physical flexibility, endurance and balance. It brings stability, joy and strength.


Yoga iyengar Serap

Serap has always been interested in the mind-body correlation. Iyengar Yoga teacher, certified in Caycedian sophrology, whose dynamic relaxation exercises of the 1st degree draw their origin from hatha-yoga, she is also an Instructor for the Tibetan meditation and relaxation technique (Tara Rokpa, ‘Relaxation and Healing’) which allows her to deepen a serious work on the mind, emotions and consciousness.

She practices Iyengar yoga intensively and has extensive teaching experience through her theater career. She speaks and practices several languages including German, English, French and Turkish. Her dynamic & relaxed yoga method draws from Iyengar yoga and sophrology.


Yoga iyengar Vincent

I discovered yoga thanks to a serious herniated disc that I wanted to operate on in order to graft a prosthesis in my spine. Freeze frame, time of suspension, pain, questioning, awareness. Yoga saved me from the prosthesis… Difficult beginnings, I had until then totally ignored my body. Learning in pain and will because the body did not function as before…

Yoga cured me, no more asthma, no more sinusitis, a perfectly healthy back. It has opened new perspectives; practical philosophy, conscious spirituality, a taste for life.

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