Parivrtta trikonasana

Published on : 31 May 2022

“the inverted triangle”

Parivrtta trikonasana

Entry of the Parivrtta trikonasana:

Tadasana then Utthita Padahastasana. Spread the arms, palms facing the floor, feet parallel. Turn the left foot slightly inward and the right foot 90 degrees outward.

In the same movement, raise the left arm and lower it by turning the whole upper body to the right. Come to put the fingertips of the left hand outside the right ankle. Raise and extend your right arm upward. Look at your right hand.

Feet & legs: From the ball of the big toe, press the inside of the right foot to the floor. Press the outside of the left foot from the heel. Extend the legs. Roll left thigh inward.

Pelvis: Move the left hip forward and down. Absorb the right hip.

Back & Torso: Stretch the spine hard from the pubic bone to the top of the skull. Extend the left flank to the armpit. Open the entire right side up and back.

Arms & shoulders: Stretch arms from center of chest. Press the left hand on the ankle to open the sternum and absorb the shoulder blades.

Neck & Head: Straighten the neck from the base. Straighten the head in line with the body and align it with the right leg.

Exit asana: Press the left foot firmly to the floor. Come back with the help of the right arm as if someone was pulling you.

Corrections: Back foot on the wall to increase the support of the back leg and thus improve the forward position of the hip. Brick under the support bus, increases the straightening of the spine and thus the torsion.

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